Project presentation: TAIWAN VIDEA 2017

The curatorial project by Yunnia Young TAIWAN VIDEA is to converge the creative energies and aesthetic features of film art, including video art, performance art, experimental films, animations and digital animations, on Taiwan’s recent art scene.
TAIWAN VIDEA 2017 Selection will be presented during 2017 in several European cities; Ljubljana, Skopje, Athens and Zagreb. The project intends to present to the wider audience recent streams in insufficiently known Taiwanese video and film production, and thus enrich and expand the perception of Taiwanese contemporary art on the international art scene.

The selection includes 12 videos of the following selected Taiwanese artists:

– Lin Peychwen, Making of Eve Clone I, 2016, 9′
– Huang Zan-Lun, Double, 2015, 12’55”
– Chen I-Chun, The Piggy Song, 2013, 8’7”
– Zhang Xu Zhan, Ritual of Cthode Ray Tube, 2011-2013, 5′
– Wang Ding-Yeh, Beef-Wonderful Promises, 2011, 4’42”
– Ho Wei-Ming, Over My Dead Country, 2013, 11’11”
– Wu Tzu-An, Disease of Manifestation, 2011, 9′
– Pu Shuai-Cheng, Secret Plane-Immense Floating, 2011, 5’31”
– Chang Huei-Ming, Tough Town, 2015, 9′
– Tsui Kuang-Yu, Invisible City: Taiparis York, 2008, 5’10”
– Wu Chi-Tsung, Landscape in the Mist, 2012, 10’17”
– Jawshing Arthur Liou (Director), Rachel Weaver (Sound composition), Insatiable, 2010, 10′

Yunnia Yang is a curator, art historian and art critic based in Taipei, Taiwan. She has received the MA in Art History from St. Petersburg State University in Russia in 1997, and PhD in Arts from National Taiwan Normal University with the thesis ‘Study on “the Paranoiac-Criticism” of Salvador Dalí’ in 2009, with which she was awarded S-An Aesthetics Award in 2010. During this period, she managed all kinds of exhibitions, performances, and art events in Taiwan. Since 2011, she has launched the long-term curatorial research on ‘ The Postmodern Condition in the contemporary art of Russia and Eastern Europe’.




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