Arts organization Ateliers Žitnjak was founded in 2004 by artists, users of studios in an old primary school in Žitnjak, Žitnjak 53, the object which the city of Zagreb repurposed into 13 studios and gave them to artists to use. Ateliers Žitnjak were founded on the model of many international cultural centers in abandoned industrial zones, with the intention of forming artistic center that would contribute to the cultural and social revival of the peripheral, culturally neglected industrial zone Žitnjak. The main focus of Ateliers Žitnjak is on the visual arts and we tend to, along with the exhibition of already renown artist, affirm younger generation, so  as to correct institutional failures. Also, with different actions we have been trying to make the variety of social problems public, as well as to suggest possible solutions to open issues. Therefore, our program guidelines are designed around the concept of the term “peripheral” both as a location and/or artistic choice or determination.

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